Custom Computer Builds

Have you ever looked at a computer and thought “Man this is an awesome computer… if only it had…” Well with Diavuno, it can have… Our custom machines are guaranteed to be as fast or faster than a similar machine in the same price range.


Maybe you have pets and want your computer to be safe from their hair. (cat on keyboard)


Or maybe you just have a crazy house with all kinds of people running around, and things are always being broken. (kid knocking over something)


Maybe you are in a small space and need a super small computer like this (


Have you ever walked into Best Buy and tried to buy a computer? They try to sell you on the most expensive thing that most often is way more than you need, or they are super pushy for a sale.





Some people think that a custom computers are going to cost an arm, both legs, and your first born, but most often it is more cost effective than buying an all in one. While we can make a multi-thousand dollar machine, our builds start as low as $400