About Us

How Diavuno was started:


The owner of Diavuno, Vince, loves what he does. Vince has been building and fixing computers since he was only five years old, and for many years he worked for other IT companies who just didn’t live up to the standards that he held himself to. His last boss liked to fix things as fast as possible even if they weren’t fixed right. Vince hated that the customers were getting a bad deal, and every time it happened he would die a little inside.

One day Vince was riding his motorcycle to work when tragedy struck. He was cruising in the fast lane when a van jumped from the on ramp into his lane. The lady hadn’t even bothered to look, and Vince was rushed  to the Hospital. Three months later he woke up from his coma. He didn’t have a job, and his arm was broken, but he still had a passion for fixing computers. He wanted to get back in the field, but was unwilling to work for another company that just wouldn’t do IT correctly.

He decided that it would be his mission would be to start his own company and do things right. He wanted to offer the right solutions for the problems that people had, not the wrong solutions for problems that people didn’t have. He created Diavuno from the ground up, and when he was big enough to hire employees, he made sure they had his passion too.


How Diavuno got it’s name:


Now I know some people are wondering why Diavuno… What does Diavuno mean?


Diavuno has no logical meaning, but it is sentimental. As a little boy Vince lived right next to his best friend; their favorite game was to pretend to play karate. The boys were shouting and having fun; hi-yah eventually morphed into dia-yah, and eventually became Diavuno. Vince thought it was such a neat name that he decided to name his company Diavuno 20 years later.