What Diavuno Does:


Diavuno offers IT solutions for your business, and home.

Often people find that the Tech they use doesn’t work the way they want it to. Diavuno makes it easier to use your technology, but will also help you find the right equipment for the job.

We keep the computers running. We keep them safe, and we worry about any computer problems, so you don’t have to.


How Diavuno will help you:


If you are a Small OR Medium business, you may not have a hundred grand a year for a computer tech, but you still need it to keep your network and your users running. Diavuno offers IT that avoids that huge Fee!

Diavuno is upfront about our pricing and what we will and will not do.

Someone is on call all day everyday, including Holidays and weekends.

Diavuno offers solutions to problems you may not have known existed or couldn’t find a solution to on your own.


How Diavuno is Different from THE OTHER GUYS:


No one at Diavuno will ever put you on hold.

Diavuno does not export any project overseas, so all of your projects are done right here in the bay area.

Diavuno wants you to succeed, but to do that you need to be able to work without losing a fortune to someone who doesn’t do the job right the first time.


Interesting facts about Diavuno:


While everyone here is passionate about their job, we also all share a passion for motorcycles.